Top Rated Popular Destinations In Nevada You Should See

Did you know that people traveling to the west coast of the United States often bypass Nevada? They may go there for a singular purpose which is to see Las Vegas, but there is so much else you can experience. People are often drawn to other states like California, Oregon, and even Washington because of the beautiful forests, and access to the Pacific Ocean. However, this state is known for other forms of beauty including deserts, rolling hills, and some of the best casinos on earth.

The Bellagio Fountains

Any person that has ever walked the entire Las Vegas strip understands what the Bellagio fountains are. You cannot help but notice them simply because it is the only hotel on the strip that has a gigantic pond out in front. Additionally, you will see thousands of people gathered, trying to see over the small fence they have outside. Like clockwork, you will see this show display an incredible amount of water that is designed to play to music.

Carrot Top

This is a comedian that is well known for his outrageous comedy. He is also known for his outrageous appearance. He is called carrot top primarily because of his hair color, but over the years he has changed his image dramatically. He is a very large individual now, at least regarding muscularity. He has bulked up quite a bit. That aside, it is one of the funniest acts that you will ever see when you go to Vegas and may motivate you to see him multiple times.

The Mirage Volcano

This is another attraction that you should seriously consider seeing. Instead of water, it is a light show. There are a couple of different levels for the light show that you can see. This would include the Las Vegas Lights Night Tour which starts at about $50, all the way up to a limousine ride that will take you throughout Vegas.

For these reasons, some people decide to keep coming back to Nevada because of the incredible shows at Vegas. They might also like to simply walk down the strip and admire all of the architecture. It is a destination that is unlike the other states that have mountains, trees and the ocean. It is unique, and you should certainly consider a trip into this region if you have never been there before.